Set counter, recovery plus workout timer and HIIT timer.

Recover. Count.

Here’s how it works. Once you’ve completed your set tap “Start”. The recovery timer will begin and GymBrain will count your set.

When your recovery has completed, GymBrain will alert you using a tone, vibration or flash.

When you’ve finished your repetitions, tap “Zero” to start your next set of exercises.

Smart. Flexible.

By default, GymBrains recovery timer counts up, not down. So if your varying your recovery periods for different exercises you don’t need to mess about changing settings during your workout.

GymBrain is highly configurable though. Choose recovery duration, the type of alarm you want, countdown style and more.

Want an extra challenge? Try HIIT.

GymBrain supports high intensity interval training and will guide you though your HIT session from warmup to cool-down. As you'd expect it is fully configurable and can be activated with a single tap.

Workout. Record. Share.

When you start your first recovery, GymBrain will automatically start timing your entire workout.

When your done, GymBrain will keep a record of your workout (safely stored on iCloud).

If you like, share your results via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

GymBrain is iAd supported with an In App purchase to disable.

Available from the App Store

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 8.2

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