Find like a pro.
With powerful features and great performance, ProFind delivers the most advanced file search for macOS. And with support for natural language queries, application launching, hidden location searches, scripting and more, it's the only search app you'll need.

Most file search apps search either the macOS's metadata database or the disk directly. This means they can often provide search results that are incomplete, or contain unwanted items or they perform unnecessarily slowly. ProFind combines both metadata and disk search techniques into one app, providing fast and complete searches of any disk beneath an elegant and powerful user interface.

Type a few characters from an application's name to find it fast.

Fully configurable quick folders gives fast access to commonly used folders.

QuickLook, Finder integration, sharing support and support for shell scripts and AppleScripts.

A multi-line path view shows the full location of search results and differences between paths.

Limit searches to individual disks or folders.

Pick extra search criteria from the menu or use the intuitive natural language capabilities.

Full Feature List

  • Natural language search queries.
  • Unlimited search results.
  • Search inside invisible folders and packages.
  • Searches any disk type: Mac, Windows, servers, etc.
  • Uses kernel based searching (searchfs) when available. Non App Store version only.
  • Supported search locations: home, mac disks, local disks, servers, individual disks, open Finder folders.
  • Search Saving and History.
  • Search by date.
  • Search by file extensions.
  • Search by tags.
  • Search by parent folders.
  • Search by kind.
  • Search by Regex.
  • Search by Wildcards.
  • Search by Spotlight Metadata.
  • Exclude (-) words.
  • Autocompletion for application names, command names and keywords.
  • Full, non obscured, display of file paths with path diference highlighting.
  • Large icon view for one or two search results.
  • Support for executing shell and AppleScripts on found items.
  • Highlighting of found words.
  • Context menus: Sharing, Services, Open, Show In Finder, Move To Trash, Get Info, Copy Path.
  • Quick access to favourite folders (Quick Folders)
  • QuickLook previews.
  • Supports Dark Mode (10.14 Mojave).
  • Drag and drop out of the app.
  • Menu bar icon on/off.
  • Fully configurable system wide hot key.
  • Built in command reference.
  • App Store version runs with read-only privileges ensuring the app cannot modify files.

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Requires 10.13 or later. 10.14 Mojave required for App Store version.
See the FAQs for comparison of App Store and Non App Store versions.

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