Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the App Store version?

If you purchased from the App Store please contact me and I'll be happy to supply you with a serial number for the non App Store version. Unfortunately, Apple was constantly making demands for me to change the product which were comprising the quality of the app. I found this situation to be unexceptable so removed it from the store. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I search for files in other users private home folders?

No. If you don't have permission to open a folder, you cannot search inside it.

How do I add a list of open Finder windows to the search location menu? (App Store version only)

1) From the Scripting (🛠) menu in ProFind, choose "Open Scripts Folder" and "Show Sample Scripts."
2) Copy the script "Add Open Folders in Finder to ProFind.scpt" into the Scripts folder ("com.zeroonetwenty.ProFind").

How do I offer feedback or report a bug?

Thanks! I really want feedback and bug reports. Use the contact form.

ProFind's natural language queries don't support a language I use. What can I do?

Use the contact form and ask for support for your language to be added.

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