Easily sync text notes between your Mac and iPhone.

SyncBook allows you to keep and edit plain text notes on your iPhone and Mac.

SyncBook’s Mac client allows you to sync these notes to and from your Mac over (AES256) encrypted WiFi. Not a cloud in sight.

On your Mac, SyncBook doesn't use a database or proprietary file format to store your notes. Each note is simply a plain text file and you can use any text editor you wish to edit your notes.

To categorise your notes simply use 10.9 Maverick's Finder tags feature on your notes and the notes will be sorted on your iPhone.

SyncBook WebDav includes an experimental WebDav server so you can connect to SyncBook like a disk and edit notes directly (unencrypted data connection).

Available from the App Store

Requires iOS 7 or later.

Download the free Mac app to get started. Requires 10.9 Mavericks & WiFi.

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